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Who We Are

Anywhere the presence of God is will be subject to change. 


Darkness and Light Cannot Coexist.

Brightening Dark Spaces is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 that assists in and supports the refurbishment of Child Protective Services (CPS/DFPS) office visitation spaces. These spaces are utilized for children in the child welfare system to have supervised and regular visitations with their biological family members. In addition, children often come to government offices following removal while waiting for a placement. Brightening Dark Spaces understands how atmosphere impacts the visitation experience, especially for those who have recently experienced all kinds of trauma----abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), neglect, domestic violence, the effects of drug abuse, the impacts of alcohol overdose, the heartaches of incarceration, insecurity, fear, and separation. We create trauma-informed spaces within government offices, understanding that atmosphere dictates the experiences and informs the emotional responses of foster children. We want to reduce the trauma that inevitably occurs for the child following removals, between foster and kinship placements, and during visitations. Our team works alongside generous donors, CPS/DFPS caseworkers and social workers in the Department of Family and Protective Services, businesses and organizations in counties with CPS/DFPS offices, and individuals who are passionate about supporting the child welfare system. 

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