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APRIL 23, 2022

2400 Osborn Lane, Bryan Texas 77803

BDS BRYAN was Brightening Dark Spaces' FIRST project, before Brightening Dark Spaces was even a nonprofit organization. Our beloved Osborn Lane spaces are forever dear to our hearts.

3 visitation spaces (the pink room, the rainbow room, and the giraffe room), 2 observation spaces

The BDS BRYAN Journey.

Brightening Dark Spaces BRYAN was our first project and the spaces refurbished there will forever be dear to our hearts. Osborn Lane was where the Hindman family took their foster babies for their weekly supervised visitations with their biological family. During those visitations, Helen noticed the need for change. A seed was planted in her heart that soon rooted deep, grew, and later produced the fruit of Brightening Dark Spaces. 

The fundraising process for Brightening Dark Spaces BRYAN was marked by the Bryan/College Station community rallying together and giving out of the generosity of God's heart. Nearly $10,000 was raised in just one week. We were able to completely refurbish all the spaces, including two observation spaces for CPS/DFPS employees. Paint, new furniture, decorations, books, toys, shelves, art supplies, etc. 

These spaces hold a special place in Helen's heart because of seeing the redemption of what was once time in darkness, now is time in brightness. For years, Helen saw visitations occurring in darkness and her heart ached deeply, but because of the vision and power of God, redemption took place on Osborn Lane.

Linda Harris, the Bryan CPS/DFPS manager of 40+ years, came to see the spaces at the end of the project day, and she was overjoyed. Linda has seen children walking into the Bryan CPS/DFPS office for decades, and this was the first time in her career that children would play in trauma-informed spaces within the office. We are abundantly grateful for the support of Linda. 


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